Damian Calcagne

As RRE weekend continues, The Damian Calcagne Band will be here all evening, playing different sets before, during and after the show at the Sherman. The band will be taking the stage from 6-7:30 and then again at 10:15, closing out the weekend.

The self-titled debut from the Damian Calcagne Band unfolds new traditions of poetic Rock & Americana.
Recorded in the bandʼs new studio, The PineBox, inspired by the legendary Bearsville Studios outside of Woodstock, NY and The Barn in Vermont, Damian Calcagne Band paints in analogue strokes, compressing colors and tones into dreams & admissions of the modern American subconscious.

“Calcagne works through a massive palette of sounds… You want to hear a modern-day master working an organ? Put an ear to this, boys and girls.”
– Brian Robbins, Relix Magazine/Jambands.com