Still Hand String Band

Still Hand String Band is a four-piece progressive jamgrass machine, looking to instill their hand into the future of bluegrass music. SHSB plays a wide variety of original and cover material. The band’s choice of songs to cover leaves no genre of music untouched. Their heap of originals, although bluegrass at heart, are heavy in rock, jazz, and hillbilly influences. With a knack for blending songs of yester-year with a modern twist and a spazztastic youthful vigor, these guys are bound to get a crowd astompin’.

SHSB is comprised of Jimmy Dee on guitar, Sunny Dee on the mandolin, Dee Kid on banjo and Dee Maple on the four string stick-a-majigger. One of the best quartets to hit the scene this side of Pennsyltucky. To better understand Still Hand, you need to go back to the beginning. They were born delayed quintuplets years apart. Because of the extremely long rearing of them, the true nature of their births has been obscured for years.

It all started one dark, sparkly night. The sky was the color of liquid molten eggplant and the grass covered high in dung (shit)and dew; The mountains of Pennsylvania glistened with the fear of night. The evening sky was torn asunder with the howls of time itself and in the distance the sound of a sheep imploding could be heard. The world grew tired of the shining and plaid-laden jams of yore. It yearned for something more. It is at that moment that the consciousness shot forth, like a wellspring of teen girls bursting through the backstage doors at a Justin Beiber concert, and decided to make it so.

Dogs threw up, babies cried, and several people face-planted for it was at that moment that Still Hand String Band was born. Instruments in hand they started pickin’ and the world smiled. Soon though, another problem arose. The world got used to being so overfilled with joy, that the world grows weary quite quickly when they stop playing. So now they are on a mission to never stop, for who knows the consequences if they do…