The Wallace Brothers Band

The Wallace Brothers Band are putting the ‘South’ back into South Philadelphia. Two twin brothers, Zachary and Colby Wallace and their Vietnamese cohort, Khoa ‘Lucky’ Pham are not who you might expect to be writing and performing songs about sleeping in a car, being broke and happy, love so strong it hurts, traveling the world, and spending the night in the pen, but the band sure enough does live the life they sing about. Their wanderlust and love of all forms of music can be heard in their music and lyrics. Formed in 2007 through serendipitous circumstances, The Wallace Brothers Band performs roughly 200 shows per year and are equally as capable crooning in bar rooms as they are headlining festivals.

The Wallace Brothers Band can be described as psychedelic-country music, but that is not to say that they do not have a deep love for, and extensive repertoire of folk, rock and roll, bluegrass, jazz, R&B and soul music. Heres a couple of videos!!