The Hawk Owls and Milkweed

Tonight is gonna be a crazy one!!! We have two bands playing starting with The Hawk Owls at 6pm for a pre-Sherman dinner show, then Milkweed starting at 10 for the Sherman after party!!!!! Don’t miss out on these great acts!!!!

The Hawk Owls formed in Sussex County, NJ in 2011 after years of playing in various other bands together.  Their songlist includes a variety of originals, traditionals and reinterpreted classics.  Their vocal harmonies demand your attention and their energetic acoustic sound is sure to keep you moving.

Milkweed hails from the great American town of Binghamton NY. Their band and music is an ever growing, ever changing thing, just like life. They draw inspiration from folk, bluegrass, straight country, blues, world and pretty much anything else you can think of. If it came down to it you’d probably say they’re an Americana string band… but what’s in a name. They could not be more excited about the current evolution of Their band. New members, enormous community support, studio interests, booked tours, a new van, and a list of new original songs just waiting to be played. Welcome to their shared dreams.