The Tom Bobs

Based out of the State College area, The Tom Bobs have been playing and performing around PA since January, 2014. The band, comprised of lead guitarist Brian Cleary and harmonica player Nate Cutshall, performs original and cover songs drawing fromĀ American roots music, soul, and classic rock all the way to hip hop and blues rock of the 2000s. Their self-titled debut was released September 13th, 2014 and the band is now traveling PA in search of willing ears for their roots rock sound.

Brian Cleary
Native to Philly, Brian Cleary has been wielding the guitar since the age of 7. After making his bones in the city with the three-piece hard rock outfit Undergun, Cleary moved to the State College area. Now he holds up his end of the bargain in the Tom Bobs with his powerful voice, intelligent songwriting, and sizzling hot guitar leads.

Nate Cutshall
Born and raised in York, Nate Cutshall grew up singing in the church choir, playing the piano, and blowing trumpet in the school band. After becoming interested in the guitar at 17, Cutshall moved to State College and cut his teeth playing with local bands around Center County. Now he brings his talents to The Tom Bobs, contributing a wailing harmonica, deep acoustic grooves, and a quirky vocal/songwriting style.