Bobby Syvarth Combo

  Bobby is back!! He has been a BIG part of the music history here at Sarah Street! Check out his YOU TUBE videos that were professionally recorded here!


Emily has been a part of our Sarah Street family for many years. She started playing our Open Mic night about 7 years ago, captivating the audience with her siren's voice. After a brief hiatus, Emily has been recently inspired, and is actively writing music and playing out. She now has a regular gig at [...]

Chris Ross and the North

This four-piece band mixes Americana/country/blues vibes with deep rooted and poetic lyrics. They're so good, we're having them here 2 nights in a row! Check out the video below, and you'll understand why...

Wild Root

Based out of Bradenton, FL, this Psychedelic Rock band will be taking our stage in the midst of their East Coast tour. This foursome consisting of Paul Fournier, Andrew Appleseed, Damon Owens, and Justin Green, describe their music as "Rock, Soul and Funk infused with Jazz, R&B and Blues elements, hard-hitting grooves, hyped funk dance songs, [...]

Tom Carpenter Band

Help us in welcoming the Tom Carpenter Band to our stage for the 1st time. Tom has played Open Mic here for many years and has also played a solo show, but this time he's bringing the whole band, and we are excited to have them! Tom TC Carpenter is a local singer songwriter [...]

Young Lion!

This July, Young Lion will be back on Thursdays as our Featured Band of the Month! If you haven't had the chance to come check them out yet, do not miss this opportunity! An SSG breakout band with Lion Sandford, Jamie Saleski and Chris Condel, they started playing together for our George Wesley Tribute [...]


"There are no coincidences. You have stumbled upon the energy of channelers. Feel the new soul movement flow through your vibeeasy like the warm summer sun." Whether as a duo or as a full band, these talented musicians come together in harmony across multiple genres. For more information about this band, please visit their [...]

Acoustic Singer/Songwriter Series

Mondays in June we have the Acoustic Singer/Songwriter Series! You can find information about this event on their Facebook page at Check out the flyer below for a list of performers for each week...

SchmidtWood Flow

The musicians in SchmidtWood Flow have been playing the SSG stage for many years in several different bands. Come check out this awesome jam band to see how they've evolved together. Below is a video of this band's previous incarnation - SchmidtWood Moose...