Playing at the Sarah Street Grill…

The Sarah Street Grill has many different kinds of music performed here. We encourage bands to have their own original music and a unique style in their choice and performance of a cover. We have a room very different from most and we need cooperation from the performers in order to have good sound here. Stage volume must be kept in a fashion that allows all instruments to be sent out to the main speakers, which are located in three different areas.

At the Sarah Street Grill we book solo and duo performers Tuesday and Sunday, have an open Mic on Wednesday, and bands Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  We have started doing FEATURED ARTIST OF THE MONTH on Thursdays.  This is where we have the same artist/band for one month of Thursdays.  It is a good way for a artist/band to get some exposure in a new area and build some steam for weekend shows.  It is no cover night and the artist/band gets $150 per gig and use of a tip jar.

Examples of what we don’t want: A drummer that hits a large snare with a large stick hard or/and has the nerve to wear earplugs when doing so. The best drummers for this room are the ones you want to mic. A guitar player that must have their stage amp at a piercing level and then claims they can’t hear it or can’t play with emotion when you ask them to turn it down.

We have a small stage with overhead monitors and it takes limited stage instrument volume for everyone to hear themselves, especially vocals. We are not trying to be a library, we are trying to have a good mix and a good sound. We have enough mic stands, mics, and cords for most bands. If you have a preferred mic, and it doesn’t cause feedback or sound issues you are free to use it. If you bring some back up cords and stands it is appreciated. Smaller drum kits and amps are the best for this room.

We are generally booked three to six months in advance. If some crisis develops or a can’t miss opportunity arises a band may cancel a show as long as it is done by the 15th of the previous month.

Sarah Street Grill: Attn Dave
550 Quaker Alley
Stroudsburg PA, 18360

If you have a reference that applies to this room please include it. We receive about ten demos a week and I am always behind in checking them, so please be patient. You may  email or call me two weeks after a sent demo to see if I have received it and checked it out. Also, I have begun to prefer press packages to be via the internet.  Saves postage and other costs for you, and keeps my office cleaner! It is a GREAT idea to send actual DVD’s of performances here once you are booked so we can get them into our Video Library and play them for promotion.  We need the actual DVD, not a link, to convert it to our format and prove we did not “steal it” of the net.

All acts receive 90% of the door in a check at the end of the night and $25 per performer of “house money” to be spent on food and drink. Musicians are expected to tip their servers and bartenders. We ask that musicians leave the stage as nice, or nicer than they find it, making sure to pick up empty bottles and glasses.  No band receives less then $350 on a weekend show, and bands that do well here make from $400 – $600.  It is possible to do better.

Music starts no later than 10:00 pm (we recommend starting earlier on Thursdays and Sundays – 9:30 ish) and ends between 1:00 am and 1:45 am. You should be here at around 8:30 pm to set up. We line and sound check at 9:15. We start the music charge once the stage has been set up, so being late will affect the money earned and leave less time to eat and relax before the start of the show.

Sarah Street tries very hard to give the respect that musicians don’t get at most places. We want our room to be a place where great musicians hang even when they are not on the stage.

Please remember that live music is a big part of who we are but we are still a bar. If you perform ballads you should probably limit how many you do in a row so you don’t lose the attention of the room. Of course if you draw a large audience who is here for your music, this becomes a non-factor. Another issue is sports and when there is a major event taking place and a large part of the crowd is in to it, like a World Series game, we try to make timing adjustments accordingly.

If you booked to play a show here, please use the following link. It is a PDF of our press packet that you should send to promote your band and date(s) here at the grill:  Sarah Street Press Packet

Good luck in finding the success you are searching for and whether it is on stage or in the audience I hope we meet at the Sarah Street Grill.