Our Commitment…

At Sarah Street Grill, we strive to do the best we can for our customers, the community, and the earth. It’s an important part of who we are and who we want to be. We are committed to continuing the efforts we currently make, and to being open to new ideas about how to better serve those around us and the planet.

Since we first started out almost 20 years ago, we have been one of the premier venues in this area for upcoming musicians, both locally and nationally. We mainly book musicians from the immediate surrounding communities, and almost all of our bands play original music. That’s what we like and are looking for- to give people the chance to show us something of their own. So much cool music has happened here over the years, it’s amazing. We’ve watched numerous musicians, who were regulars here on our stage, become nationally known acts. And in many cases, they got their start HERE. We are proud to be a place that supports and promotes peoples’ talent and dreams! Such a good feeling to help people on their way to greatness.

Another big part of our commitment to music here is the Open Mic Night we’ve had here every Wednesday for 10 years. Those young budding artists can come here to try out the feeling of a stage and audience. There’s been some great acts here on that night over the years. There was an 8 year old girl here a few weeks ago who sounded like Adele. There is a 70 year old man who plays the piano here on Wednesdays regularly who is awesome. If you get the chance come watch, or if you’ve got the ambition come try it one night. We’re all ears.

Also, for the rest of the artistic spectrum, we now have a rotating art space in our dining room upstairs. Every other month we offer the opportunity for a new artist to feature their work. We have had all kinds of art work displayed and love doing it! If you are interested in our art space here, shoot Christy an email at cmcbville@yahoo.com.

We take pride in aiding the local community. We donate thousands of dollars every year to fundraisers and charity groups. One way we do this is by giving gift cards to charities to raffle.  But on a greater scale, we use our venue as a place to host charity events, some sponsored by outside groups and some organized by us in house. We have at least 7 or 8 charity events here every year, a few of them huge. We do wing-offs, parking lot parties, pool and dart tournaments, and an anniversary party every April celebrating how long we’ve been opened. Almost 20 years! In the past few years, we’ve helped raise THOUSANDS of dollars for Wounded Marines, ALS research, the NAN foundation, Partners in Caring, The Sherman Theater, and many others. If you’d to like to host a charity event here, we’d love to help. Give us a call at (570) 424-9120.

We are absolutely committed to doing everything we can for the planet. We have been recycling bottles, cans, plastic, paper, cardboard, batteries, light bulbs and just about everything else imaginable for many, many years. It’s a relatively easy effort that we believe is completely worth it. It’s crazy to think that so few places around do the same. It’s upsetting, really. Also… Thanks to the generous efforts of members of our staff, we participate in Adopt-A-Highway, it’s a stretch of Bridge Street in Stroudsburg, that we clean up quarterly. We’ve updated our energy to Natural Gas, use a lot of LED lighting, and the biggest project of all, invested in solar panels 4 years ago.

This past spring we started a garden in our adjacent property. It began small and has blossomed into something big and beautiful. It’s a real accomplishment and we are very proud of it. We use the produce in many of our items here,  especially in daily specials. The benefits are two-fold. The first is that you, the customer, are getting a completely natural, fresh product. One that we grew from the ground up, harvested and brought to your table. You can literally be eating a veggie in our dining room that was in our garden 20 minutes earlier. Cool right? The second benefit is that those veggies and herbs are from 50 feet away. Not 50 miles or across the country. No truck needed to bring it here, no gasoline used, no carbon emissions. Awesome. We feel really good about it and hope you do too.

And that brings us to our commitment for you, our customer. We want this to be your home away from home, where you are comfortable. The place where you have your favorite items and the excitement of trying new fresh ones. We strive to offer you great service.   We often have newer staff (this is a college town and we see lots of young people pay their way through school by working here), but we also have many seasoned and faithful employees that have been here for 5, 7, 10, 12 years.  Come be one of our regulars, we will know your name and your have your drink without you having to ask, with a smile:). We offer awesome drink and dinner specials. Also tons of giveaways! Always raffling off tickets to concerts, games, jerseys, gift cards, you name it. We give away a $500 Superbowl party every year! Also, we love helping to make memories here. Eat here after you graduate college, or with your first paycheck from a new job. Book your rehearsal dinner here, your baby shower. Stop in for homecoming weekend. Have a birthday bash upstairs. Start here for your bachelorette party. Propose to your girlfriend here (we’ve seen it several times!). We are so honored to be a big part of your lives and memories, dear faithful friends!

So we hope you love us as much as we love you. Thank you for understanding our vision and appreciating us. We thank you endlessly for letting us be here to serve you. We love what we do and hope it shows:)