Have your Party at the Grill…

Hi! Thank you for your interest in Sarah Street Grill. We would absolutely love to host your party. Here are a few details to help you with your planning.

We have an upstairs dining room that can accommodate up to 85 people comfortably.  We have fit up to 100.  We sometimes will do smaller functions in the downstairs dining rooms as well, depending on the day of the week and time of day.  We often do parties around 30 to 40 people in the upstairs dining area. In this case, we generally use the back half of the room, using small partitions to provide you with a bit more privacy. Often during the afternoon hours, we will not have to seat other patrons in the front half of that room, but during dinner hours we usually will still need to utilize that space. If you wanted your function to be private, we require a minimum of 50 seats paid for.

Most larger parties choose a buffet style menu.  Depending on which buffet option you choose, there is either a 20 or 25 person minimum.  The Buffets include salad, entrée options, dessert, coffee, tea and fountain drinks. You will see that we also offer sushi platter add-ons if you’d like. We can also start your group off with a vegetable, cheese or fruit tray or you could pre-selected appetizers which would be ready when your guests arrive.

Often hosts ask for plated dinners and limited menu options, which is no problem.  You just need to aware that not all of your guests will necessarily receive their meals all at the same time.  Let’s say for example there is 40 people in your group.  Most likely we would have you set up as 4 tables of 10.  The last table may receive their food 20 minutes after the first table.  If this was your preference, we would hand pick roughly 5 items that you would like to offer to your guests. In addition, we can do a more casual, cocktail reception with hors d’oeuvres and finger food for special occasions too. We really are willing to work with you on the specific needs of your event. But, all in all, the buffet options seem to work great when serving a large group.

As far as bar choices go, we recommend one of these options. The most common choice is to pick a dollar amount that you are comfortable with-whatever that may be- let’s say $300 (The amount will have to do a lot with your type of party and number of guests). You can allow your guests to order whatever they’d like, and once the tab comes close to that dollar amount, our servers will discretely alert you. If your party is almost over, you may decide to just continue with the open bar; if you have a lot of time left, you may decide then to go to cash bar where your guests pay for their own drinks. Another popular option is to offer beer and wine. We carry magnums or our house pours that serve around 8 glasses for $35. We suggest you choose a red and a white. Then you can also offer draft beer, and we will sell it to you by the pitcher. Domestic pitchers generally start at $9.50 and our draft selections go up from there.  Our pitchers will serve 4 pints each. Commonly hosts choose a lite beer like Miller, a darker beer like Yuengling, and then a craft option, like Magic Hat or Long Trail. Either scenario is fine, and generally you will end up spending around the same amount of money. If you don’t want to provide alcohol, the servers can run individual tabs for your guests. Again, we are more than willing to set up an individual plan just for you. We can also set up a Mimosa and/or Bloody Mary bar for brunch and luncheon parties.

We often have hosts ask if they are able to bring in their own cake.  The answer is absolutely!  Dessert is included in our buffet options so I always recommend choosing a dessert from us that is a different flavor from what you may bring.  For example, if you are getting a vanilla cake, I would suggest choosing the brownie a la mode from us.  Also, there is no house charge for you to bring in an outside dessert, but we do up the gratuity for the servers from our standard 18% to 20% because your servers will be responsible for the setup, cutting serving  and cleanup of the cake.

Please contact us here at (570) 424-9120 to set up your event. Ask for the Manager on duty to help you. We’d love to have your event here!

-Sarah Street Management Team